Cooking in an RV ~ This is what we’ve learned

March 25, 2016

Cooking in an RV does take getting use to. I think people make this a bigger deal than it is.  There is a slight learning curve but you will adapt and before long you won’t even notice the difference. We cook all the same foods we cooked when we had an apartment. Below are a few helpful insights. RV manufacturers people use counters for food preparation For whatever reason RV manufacturers like to skimp on counter space. We really don’t have…

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Lifestyle Technology

Being a Nomadic Entrepreneur and accessing the internet

March 18, 2016

This is not for everyone Luckily my wife and I are comfortable living in small spaces. We’ve mastered the art of doing separate things together. This allows us to sit across the table from each other and I  still get my work done. The main issue we have is not having a dedicated internet connection. Luckily, a lot of places broadcast free WiFi. Life Hacker has a list of all the chains that have an open free WiFi connection. Get outfitted with…

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Kite Lifestyle

Kite Buggying Ivanpah Dry Lake

March 13, 2016

[envira-gallery id=”356″] [envira-gallery slug=”the-ivanpah-experience”] Ivanpah Dry Lake lives up to all the hype! Kite buggying on a dry lake bed… how good can it be! Simply put it was amazing! This trip hasn’t been as kite extensive we had originally hoped! On the days we do fly our kites there is either not enough room for more than static flying or not enough wind. We are blacktop boondocking most of the time so we can’t exactly wait days for the wind…

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Lifestyle Lists

Blacktop boondocking = Overnight RV Parking

March 8, 2016

Why would you pay for an overnight when you don’t have to? Blacktop boondocking ( A.K.A. asphalt boondocking, or dry camping) is sleeping in a parking lot for free. They are great places to stay when you don’t want to venture too far off course, or money is tight and you just need a place to sleep. Don’t expect any amenities or for that matter quiet until the store closes. You really should go inside and speak to somebody at the…

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Lifestyle Lists Review Technology

Camper Life – The five items that keep us sane!

January 1, 2016

I love gadgets … It’s a problem. Space is limited in a camper! Camper life is different for us. When we had our apartment we consumed lots of television. We also didn’t want to pay the high prices for “Premium” cable so we  streamed everything basic cable didn’t offer. After not turning our on our cable box for a few months we decided to scrap cable.  I remember marching down to the cable company expecting to slash our bill in…

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