About Us

My wife and I decided we needed to do something amazing. That something amazing has turned into an RV trip around the US. We moved out of our apartment and into a 24′ travel trailer. After a year of living in the trailer and saving money, we started our trip. We are attempting to devote this site to the essence of a nomadic lifestyle. We will offer tips, tricks and advice on the realities of being a temporary nomad. We are starting this resource for those who are under retirement age and are thinking about doing something different. This is Kite Buggy Life (KBL) and we are the Kitts.

ADVERTISING: Throughout KiteBuggyLife.com we are using affiliate links. This simply means that should you choose to purchase a product we've recommended we get a small commission (maybe enough to buy a coffee) at no additional cost to you. We only promote products we would bring into our home. Never would we push products for the mere purpose of getting paid for it. We share a product just because we love it and think you will too. In the future we may be given a product to review, we promise to tell you if/when this happens.